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Damascus to petra

Posted on December 1, 2008 at 10:17 AM

December 1, 2008

Damascus (Syria) - Petra (Jordan)


We have ridden 6020 km in 88 days.


We left Damascus and had 120 km to the border. Our speed was fast, an average of 30km/h. We made 75km by 11am and reached the border around 3pm. It took us an hour to get through the process of getting our visas. We camped between two hamlets in a sandy hill.

Next day we decided to head towards Jerash, which was supposed to be just a little detour. Unfortunately we took the wrong road and it ended up being a 60 km detour. We enjoyed the roman ruins and continued on our way towards the Amman. The road was constantly going up, and in the hot temperatures it made a sweaty workout. We reached Amman as it got dark, it took us a long time to find a hotel.

We had a long going down from Amman to the Dead Sea. We visited Bethany beyond the Jordan, the actual site where Jesus was baptized by John. Also we saw the hill where Elijah was sent to Heaven. We stood just a few meters from Israel as we were on the shore of the Jordan river. The wind was strong and (of course) against us as we rode towards the Dead Sea. We were stopped at a check point and as we were let through we noticed Philippe's rear tire flat. Just a few 100 meters after fixing it, Leandra's rear tire and inner tube blew. So we spent some time fixing and we were hoping not to have the same experience as we had in Romania (when we had 1 tire blowing a day for a few days). As we went on, past the fenced resorts we noticed many locals having barbeques on the shore. We saw some camels and nomad camps.

Our campsite on the shore of the Dead sea was at 440m below sealevel. We only dipped our hands in the sea since we did not have enough water to rinse us off after swimming. There is 6 times more salt in the Dead sea than in any other seas.

The next day we rode along the Dead sea. The road was going between the sea and sandstone mountains, cut by deep canyons from which fresh water gives life to exotic plantations. Then we started climbing steep out of the Dead sea valley, heading towards Tafila. Many people stopped and asked us if we needed a ride, explaining the road would go up steep for 30km. Later, a car stopped and a fellow, Akef, invited us to stay at his home for the night, and we accepted. We had another good experience with his family.

Next morning we biked our way to Petra, where we are now. We spent our day today visiting the amazing site.

The landscape in Jordan is amazing. We have seen sandy desertic areas, oases, red volcanic landscapes, forests of tropical trees, and many rocky mountains.

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