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Wageningen to Halmstad

Posted on May 25, 2009 at 10:26 AM

May 25th, 2009

Wageningen (Netherlands) - Halmstad (Sweden)


So far we cycled 2600km from southern France.


After spending 2 days visiting friends and family we left on a rainy Sunday morning.

We cycled northeast through The Netherlands for another 2 days to reach Meppen in Northwestern Germany. We continued Northeast through the fields and villages. As we were going along, we noticed what looked like a life-size decor of a fairytale movie to our right. An old castle surrounded by picture perfect brick houses. Going towards it, we realized it was real. Looking in our guidebook we quickly learned we were standing on the edge of a Unesco world heritage site, the town of Lubeck.

Finished visiting Lubeck, we followed sea shore promenades and dikes to Puttgarden, from where we took a short 45min. ferry ride to Rodby, Denmark. Our first night there, we camped in a forest full of ticks. We killed a few ticks in the tent but nevertheless Leandra woke up with a tick on her leg.

In Denmark the bicycle routes were signposted very well! We Stopped and had a few hour tour through Copenhagen where there was a Marathon going on, this was a reason for many festivities. Some tourists from British Columbia came to talk to us. Good to see some people from home!

As we left Copenhagen it started to rain. We had rain for a few hours untill we reached Helsingor. In helsingor we took a 15min. ferry ride to Helsinborg in Sweden.

We have succeeded in finding spots for wild camping almost every night so far. Soon we will reach less populated areas with more wilderness. On top of that, here in Sweden and in Norway they have the so called ´allemansretten´ meaning that in the countryside, by law, you have the right to camp in the wild. as long as you are not on private property and 70 meters from the nearest house.

Otherwise, people have been very friendly and helpfull since the day we left. Mileagewise we have been able to make up to 150km a day in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Just so you know, Internet cafes are scarce in the countries we are cycling through. We try to make the news whenever we can...

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