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Tynset to Bodo

Posted on June 12, 2009 at 10:28 AM

June 12, 2009

Tynset - Bodø


We have pedalled 4500km in 43 days.

As much as we were supposed to have rain, we were totally not prepared for snow! 3 days in a row we had cold weather with lots of snow. Reaching the coast the snow turned into rain and thankfully stopped once we arrived in Trondheim. Even though it was snowy and rainy, from underneath our hoods, the scenery was still very nice.

In Trondheim we got some spare parts for the bicycles, we both got new chains and cassettes, Philippe a new front derailleur and Leandra a new front plate.

From Trondheim, we were now on the western coast lined up with fjords and inlets dotted with many islands. We were using a combination of small roads and the former main road, the rv17 (http://www.rv17.no/), a scenic winding road going along the coast. The road isn't continious and there are many short ferry rides, as many as 3 per day.

We are spoiled with all the fjords, inlets and islands forming a complex water maze protected from the wind, that must be a dream for kayakers. We see more and more snowpatches on the mountains around us, giving us the sign that they are getting higher and higher as we progress northbound. Most of the mountains are rounded by glaciers that nowadays are gone. Some mountains still have razorsharp edges, these must have been sticking out of the late icefields. We often try to imagine how big the icefields must have been.

As a little surprise we saw a samoyede! On our last trip we saw a 'Nanook' in Switzerland, and now we came across another one. Of course we stopped for some hugs and kisses.

For campsites we have been very very lucky as well, finding mountain lake shores, deserted fjord beaches, or mountain passes with breathtaking views.

Leandra's gear shifter quit on us and the puzzle of springs and tiny parts was impossible to put back together. As we were trying to fix this problem, a friendly fellow named Karsteinh invited us for some coffee and cake. he is a pilot who flies in Northern Norway. He usually flies the flight we will be taking on June 29th.

Leandra has been riding on 3 speeds for almost a week now. She is realizing that you can do quite some amazing stuff with only 3 speeds, which is good because we have to wait until Tromsø untill she gets a new one!

We meet many people driving this road with their RV's, one evening we have been invited by a French couple for a drink.

We are now in Bodø, above the arctic circle. We have sunlight 24 hours a day

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