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Sortland to Nordkapp

Posted on June 24, 2009 at 10:30 AM

June 24, 2009

Sortland - Nordkapp (North cape)


5534 km from Southern france to the Northernmost point in Europe, cycled in 54 days.


We had bad weather leaving Sortland, but the wild rugged coast with waves pounding the rocks alongside us was a true enjoyment. We followed the westcoast of Andøya, there was barely any traffic and very enjoyable. We reached Andenes from where we took an hour long wavy ferry ride. An hour was long enough, even though there were plenty of puffins to look at, our stomaches were starting to let us know they would not be able to swing from left to right much longer anymore..

In Tromsø we were happy to find Leandra's new gear shifter had arrived just before we showed up. Leandra was very glad to have her speeds back after 2 weeks with only 3 speeds.

These last days since Tromsø we were cycling through tundra like landscape. Sometimes with small birch bunches. There are lots of reindeer herds everywhere. They are roaming free in the mountains but are actually cattle. They are not scared of cars and cyclist, and therefore we have lots of close encounters.

It is now tourist season, we see as many RV's on the road here as there are on the Alaska Highway.

The day of arrival at Northcape, the weather was gorgeous. Blue skies and not too much wind. Which was motivating as we had to work hard till the last meters. The day of arrival we went through our longest tunnel yet, 8 km long and going 212 meters deep under the ocean (very long, cold, dark and steep). We had major hills for the 30 last kilometers, from Honningsvåg to Nordkapp, plus the 30km back (North cape is at the end of the road)

We had our first tire blow up at 5000km, it was Philippe's rear. Quite surprising as we were expecting the tires to let us down at 3500km. Also Philippe is having problems with his free wheel that doesn't lock properly anymore. His bike barely made it to North Cape, so we somehow need to find a way to fix the problem as he will certainly not be able to bike more than a few days with his bicycle in this condition.

We'll be spending a few days here in Honningsvåg waiting for our flight to Reykjavik (Iceland) on the 29th.

Our photocamera has been causing us some problems as it doesn't want to work some days. Thankfully we can take pictures with our videocamera, but unfortunately we do not have the proper cable with us to upload the pictures from the videocamera to the computer. Because of this problem we can not show you all of our pictures, but at least a good idea of what we have been seeing

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