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Varmahlio to Akureyri

Posted on July 7, 2009 at 10:40 AM

July 7, 2009


We arrived in Akureyri the beginning of the afternoon.

We will now be heading towards the area of Myvatn lake, spend a couple of days exploring the area around the lake and towards the Krafla volcano. After this, we will go back into the Interior where we hope to make our way over unbridged roads and tracks to the Askja volcano. We will then decide where to go from there. We might take some tracks to visit ice caves dug into the Vatnajokull ice cape by underground steam but this all depends on how the roads and river crossings are. We are planning to be back on the ashfalt road (and civilisation) in about 12 days, and therefore are quite heavily loaded with food!

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