Biking France to Egypt Biking France to Egypt Nanook getting used to his trailer as we do some training in Anchorage 31379974 Leaving from Philippe's parent's farm in Southern france for our 100 day adventure 31379972 French village 31379775 French village 31380526 day 2 was a rainy day 31379776 We arrived in mars after a few days! 31380161 enjoying the scenery in the Vercors (pre-alps) France 31379973 Tunnel dug out from mountain (vercors, france) 31379975 taking a break 31380162 Making friends in Switzerland 31380670 Swiss chalets 31380669 On top of Oberalppass at 2048m 31380671 After 5 minutes on top of the pass, the fog showed up! 31380866 Switzerland 31380961 Switzerland 31380962 On top of another pass 31380963 Switzerland 31380964 Us on top of pass in Switzerland 31381041 Camping spot along the Inn river in Austria 31381112 Austrian village 31381111 Kaiser mountains in Austria 31381113 Salzburg by night 31381925 Going through downtown Vienna 31381202 Dirty back and luggage after riding through mud 31381298 Camping spot along the Danube river in Austria 31381356 Leandra driving the ferry across the Danube 31381967 Into Slovakia 31381377 On the bikepath just after Bratislava 31381791 Crossing the danube into Hungary, looking at Eztergom 31382122 Hungarian fisherman 31381966 Hungarian pick-up truck 31382121 Fall 31382123 Budapest 31382209 Getting directions out of the big city 31382298 Crossing a river on a cable ferry, hungary 31382329 Seeing more and more horsecarriages getting closer to Romania 31382498 Romanian carpats 31382519 Bridges to get into villages across the river 31382520 Bridge 31383194 Hay stacks 31382532 Romanian secondary road 31382820 Typical traffic 31383049 In the carpats 31382821 Philippe and Razvan, who risked his job to help us find new tires 31382921 Fixing a tire in Moldova 31388343 Our first night in Moldova 31383461 Moldova 31383462 Arrived on the black sea, Odessa, Ukraine 31385539 Streets in Istanbul 31385540 Istanbul 31385541 Mosque in istanbul 31386128 Our new friends in Ankara 31385747 Ankara waking up 31385746 Kids coming to practice their english with us 31386127 Campsite in turkey 31386130 Another camp site in Turkey 31386840 Arriving to Cappadoccia valley 31386126 Visiting one of many carved churches 31386830 Biking in Cappadoccia 31386129 Cappadoccia 31386838 Cappadoccia 31386839 The famous Cappadoccia ferry chimneys 31387838 The vulcano that created the magnificent Cappadoccia wonders 31387836 At a gas station 31387837 Turkey 31387839 On the road in Turkey 31387840 Arrived in Syria 31784578 The gorgeous Syrian landscape, red earth, white rocky hills and forests of olive trees 31799860 Our friend Omar and his son Machmoud 31784844 Our feastmeal at Omar's home 31784988 Omar's wives and Leandra 31803033 Visiting damascus 31799834 In Jordan, visiting the roman ruins in Jerash 31785557 Camping on the shore of the Dead Sea with view on Israel 31785558 Camp at dead sea 31798996 Leandra on shore of Dead sea, look at that thick layer of salt! 31798994 Little boy following us 31801174 Biking along the dead sea, on the Dead sea highway 31803035 Family who invited us for spending the night 31798995 Dana National park, on our way to Petra 31798997 A common sign these days 31799618 the Treasury, at Petra 31799619 The Treasury, Petra 31803036 Petra 31801175 Camels in Petra 31803034 The siq, Petra 31803885 Leandra in the light, the Siq, Petra 31803886 Petra 31804866 On our way to Wadi rum 31804436 Riding on a trail In the desert 31804131 Leandra on the desert trail 31805228 camping in the desert 31804660 camping in the desert 31804135 Leandra and Ahmed, our neighbou as we camped in the Desert, who gave us lots of tea and presents 31805225 mister Sleeman 31806017 in the 'home' of Ahmed Sleeman, the Bedouin 31804438 this is where Ahmed's goats were staying, they had a tent, for shadow 31805226 Sand dune in Wadi Rum 31804435 Rock bridge, Wadi rum 31804659 The village of Rum, in Wadi Rum nature reserve 31804868 Camping in Wadi Rum village, so we could explore by foot 31804133 One of many discoveries we made while exploring the area 31804437 Sand dune 31804865 Exploring canyons in Wadi Rum 31804867 Leftovers of Lawrence of Arabia's house in the desert 31805227 Riding along Sanddunes in Egypt, Sinai peninsula 31806485 Egyptian desert, Sinai Peninsula 31806835 Oasis in Egypt 31806836 Cairo outskirts 31807267 The pyramids 31807177 We made it to Cairo! all the way from France! 31807266