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Cycling with the kids


In the summer of 2009 we took 4 days to give the kids a taste of cyclotouring.

 Both Victor and Maxime had been asking to go on some cycling holidays with us. Unfortunately Maxime broke his arm 2 weeks before while we were still in Iceland. Thankfully we still had the little trailer that was supposed to be for Nanook (our dog who died last year). We transformed the 'croozer' into a comfortable 'cabin' for Maxime, who enjoyed it a lot. Also we were able to mount one of our front racks on the rear of Victor's bike and therefore he could proudly carry 2 lightly packed panniers.

We did our best to make the trip as fun as possible with plenty of breaks to observe nature, cool down, pick up berries and prunes, visit medieval villages, soak ourselves, or just take a breath or a picture. We had planned to do about 20km a day, but the second day we were already doing 35 km while still taking our time. The temperatures were soaring in the 30°c. Whenever we would find a fountain, we would soak our baseball caps and t-shirts. Also we tried to leave at around 9.30 am so we could finish the day after lunch, avoiding to be cycling in the hottest hours of the day. Philippe and I were happy to be cycling without the strong headwind and chilly temperatures that we have been dealing with in Iceland.

We tried to teach the kids the sense of adventure and freedom. We would set a goal for each day, but we would stay very open to changes, depending upon campgrounds avalability, relief etc...

 On day 2 we had to do an extra 8km to find a camping, but both kids were fine and motivated to keep going until we found a camping.

 Also we were happy to have found campings on the rivershores, always with some kids activities. We enjoyed a few hours of minigolf, trampolines, airblown toys, playgrounds and ofcourse the swimmingpool and river.

 We were very happy with the kids and they staid highly motivated even in the longest hills. The trip actually went much better than what we had hoped for.

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