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Traversing the Juneau Icefield

In june 2010, Philippe, Leandra, Vincent, Pascal and Wilfried left for a 10 day adventure to Link Atlin to the coast.

We started out approaching the base of the glacier by Kayak. It took us 3 days to reach the end of Lewellyn inlet on Atlin lake. The weather was gorgeous all 3 days and the lake was like a mirror. Once arrived in Lewellyn inlet,  a boat arrived with our ski's and glacier crossing gear. Also it was time for leandra to say goodbye as she was heading back to atlin with the kayaks and kayak gear. We would see her again on the other side. We had one terrible day to reach the foot of the Lewellyn glacier. 

The trail has not been used for many years and was very overgrown. With our heavy pulks on our backs, it was a fight going through the brushes. But with our determination we nicknamed this day, the sherpa day. Little did we know  that we would have another one (worse) on the other side. Not far after we started on the glacier, there was snough snow to cover the crevasses. 

Vincent, Pascal and Wilfried are all French mountain guides, Philippe has a ton of experience and knowledge on icefields and glaciers. Safety was a priority. We were all roped up together, and had everything we needed for crevasse rescue.

As much as the weather had been perfect on the lake, here on the glacier and then the Icefield we had a Blizzard, and white out conditions all the way to the end. We had to navigate with a compass. The person in front was throwing snowballs ahead to make sure of where to step. It was very challenging. After the first day in the heavy snowstorm, some were ready to give up and go home. But fortunately there were 2 of us, strong minded who mentally and one even physically pulled the others through. And ofcourse once you reach midway there is no more way to turn around.  They spent 5 days on the Icefield itself, without seeing much of it (other than the 1-2 hours a day where the clouds would clear a little bit). Then there was the Lemon creek trail down to Juneau, that was hard and challenging wor. But we made it all the way and we are very proud to have done so!