Juvimax adventures

An account of our lifestyle and family adventures around the world

About us

What does Juvimax adventures stand for?

Philippe has two sons, named Victor and Maxime, Together we have another son named Justin. We decided on  Juvimax adventures to include the kids names  in our travels, plus it just sounds cool!! 

About us

Since meeting in 2007 and being married a year thereafter, we have had our fair share of adventures! From building our own home off the grid, to cycling on 4 continents, snowshoeing and camping in -36 temperatures, skiing across borders, canoeing the mighty Yukon river, to exploring local areas where nobody has ever set foot before. To now do adventuring, cyclotouring and exploration adventures with our children, Victor (14), Maxime (11) and our little Justin (2).

By taking our children on cycling adventures we hope to install in them a love for the world, adventure and life away from modern technology where you live amongst the people and experience the real life and culture of the area where you are.


An avid mountaineer and adventurer, Philippe grew up in France where his family spent their weekends and vacations in the mountains.

Philippe has done many adventures, from Kayaking in Greenland to leading scientific expeditions on the icelandic icecap to  immigrating to Canada after having travelled months with Packhorses, crossing the province of British Columbia from Hixon to Atlin on the telegraph trail, then travelling from Atlin to Dawson with a dog team experiencing nights as cold as -50, and Canoeing the Yukon river from Dawson city to the Bering strait. (yes he has done that canoe trip twice now!)

Leandra grew up in the Netherlands, Leandra gained her spirit for adventure from her mother having been a Flight attendant and from the family always going on vacation in new countries and places.

Leandra's family immigrated to Southern BC, Canada and Leandra came to Atlin to work, meeting Philippe there.
Leandra is now a Mother,  Canadian Ranger, Business owner, Fire fighter, Search and Rescue member and Prison guard.

 Victor and Maxime
Victor and Maxime have been cyclotouring with us on their vacations in France since they are 4 and 7. They have gone from carrying their sleeping bags to now carrying as much as us and after finally understanding that after an uphill comes a downhill, they are always the first ones up the hills! When the boys are here in the Summer there is no lack of adventure as we go explore lost lakes and find new trails.

The latest addition to the family, Justin, was a passenger when we cycled the Canal de Midi in France in 2012, Justin was 2 months old. Since then he has already been on 4, week long cycling trips. Between a seat on the bicyclce and a trailer for napping he has been a happy camper as he loves to have the whole family in his 'bed'!